Trying by Ethemadassassin and Seven Da Pantha

For the new single “Trying,” Ethemadassassin and Seven Da Pantha combine on a song that is both extremely well-crafted and smooth in its delivery.

Trying” is the second song by North Carolina underground hip hop superstars ethemadassassin and Seven Da Pantha, as well as Polish producer Slide Beatz, off their collaboration effort “Carter N Newton: The Field Report.”

The West Coast transplants got together at E’s crib to create and record the project, and “Trying” was written in the final hour of Seven’s visit to Los Angeles.

The two MCs combine their separate names (Seven Da Pantha as “Young Bunchy Carter,” and ethemadassassin as “Gram Newton”) to establish their version of “CNN” to take “The War Report” into “The Field,” drawing inspiration from Capone N Noreaga’s 1997 legendary debut “The War Report.”

The tune transitions smoothly from the seductively melodic hook to the musically stripped-back and rhythmic rap verses, offering up a structurally stunning few minutes of music and performance – helping to develop something that feels like it continually improves.

That vocal tone is a big reason why this release works so well; Ethemadassassin and Seven Da Pantha’s vocals are expressive and full of personality, not to mention effortlessly and naturally confident enough to win you over from a distance. 

The more you listen to the song, the more that hook portion pulls you, and the more the artistry of the whole thing shines through. You can listen to it out loud, and it actually works thanks to the superb composition from Ethemadassassin and Seven Da Pantha.

It’s challenging to create a piece that appears to evolve and alter on a consistent basis, with multiple sections at work, without relying on too many musical shifts or drops. Ethemadassassin and Seven Da Pantha construct a complete storyline and set of scenarios around their audience, mainly utilizing their own voice.

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