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TWO MIRRORS IN SAND” is a huge track, instrumental, vibrant and creative, melodically passionate, and incredibly soulful sounding. This meeting of the producers and the vocalist makes for something that just soaks you in high and inspiring energy. The way the whole thing has been crafted, cut up, and arranged, makes for a soundscape that seems all at once organic and otherworldly. As a fan of powerful vocals, the performance aspect draws a desire to witness a live show. As a fan of creative, unpredictable soulful music subgenres, the progression of the instrumentation makes for a mesmerizing few minutes of listening. In both cases, the track begs for you to play it loudly, and thanks to a fantastic production job that’s something that is immediately achievable – and absolutely recommended.

From a songwriting perspective, the melody and indeed the hook for TWO MIRRORS IN SAND” are very easily absorbed. You take on the sound and it becomes the perfect ear-worm. Then you appreciate the verses, and the gradually evolving vocal lines as well.

The music is beautiful in itself, the hit of an industrial-style, intense beat contrasts with the purity and softness of a soundscape. A slightly-electronic vibe comes through initially, laying out the perfect, calming foundation upon which the artist can work his lyrical magic. Throughout the song, the genre or style touches on soul, Hip Hop, electronica, and spoken word. It feels much more like a piece of art than the majority of indie hip-hop releases – within which the artist most commonly spits consistently over a disconnected beat. In this case, the music and the voice work in unity, they seem inseparable even. The mood of the ambiance behind the words is blissful for the most part, but when the vocal intensity rises – the instrumentation effectively follows suit.

The rising passion of this piece and the instrumental complexity has the effect of completely surrounding you in the music and the moment. It has a hypnotic and addictive effect, particularly those moments that showcase the absolute high of the emotional intensity – the immense vocal reach, the beat, the synths, everything about it. The song is beautiful and incredibly uplifting – so much so that the very moment it stops, the gaping void of quietness is a little too much to bear. The whole thing has a definite freshness but it also brings with it a touch of nineties nostalgia that has been greatly missed.

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