Waltz of Life by Michael Kwok

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Waltz of Life” by “Michael Kwok” is just about as fitting a title as can be for the music that unfolds when you press play. The music makes you feel amazing. As mentioned, this particular track fuses a little of the raw and the real, so at first you’re drawn in by the vibe, the structure, the formula, then later you’re held captive by the personality and the flair that pours out with every line expressed. And there’s so much more where this came from.

It’s such a strong track, even with all the technical details aside; genre, style, direction – the fact of the matter is, it’s a track you can turn on, turn up, and get completely lost in. It’s a beautiful performance, woven stylishly into a lush sounding piece of music. There’s a whole lot about it that feels brand new – he’s an artist you’d want to do well, purely because of that something special that’s been created through the sound and the performance.

The song at first strikes as a very classic pop or piano ballad; the instrumentation, as mentioned, is kept somewhat minimal – simplistic – and the melody that follows, accompanied by snippets of beautiful harmonies, has a very ballad-like and nostalgic mood to it. However, the longer you listen for, the more the music strikes as something much bigger.

The structure of the song seems unusual, unpredictable at times, but always effective – with every moment that passes you are drawn further and further into the emotion and the power of the song. The whole thing builds and builds in a somewhat unexpected manner, the piano steps forwards with great strength and attitude, and soon enough it all gently falls away, creeping back towards the silence in unison.

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