Weirdo by P.G.L.U

Another remarkable track by P.G.L.U to the audience out there. Without a doubt, “Weirdo” is a unique track with an unusual, attractive flow. Even Though this track has recently been released this is already on fire on Youtube. P.G.L.U is an Artist residing in Chicago, Illinois. As an artist, he has worked with Malik Sosho from The Future Kingz and Hollow Brooks. This awesome soul has started his journey of music in 2018 with his highest viewed song on Youtube at 20K+ views called “Boss Moves ft. Malik Sosho”. P.G.L.U has already taken a new step by releasing this piece of work “Weirdo” in his music journey. 

The track undoubtedly has a very raw and organic sound to the recording, which, in all honesty, makes it all the more accessible and relevant. Among other things, it gives you plenty of space within which to really soak up that melody line and to try to grasp the array of unusual and utterly original lyrics and the ideas at which they are pointing.

As the audience, we should appreciate the video of this track and it is top-notch, interesting, and unique at the same time. It’s a great song, really well written and superbly performed, and polished. It’s Hip Hop music along with rap, essentially, which is fresh, it’s been flawlessly mixed and produced, and it’s something that fits easily and noticeably within any number of categories throughout the mainstream right now.

Even though  P.G.L.U is an upcoming artist he knows how to produce and present good music with a different color. P.G.L.U has many projects coming out in 2021 with a song that includes Kuniva from Detroit’s D-12, and other notable artists in the game as well. Stay tuned!