Who All Over There by MRK SX

Atlanta’s MRK SX takes things down a conceptually fascinating new route with the track Who All Over There, leading with sincerity, accuracy, ability, and purpose, blending catchy musicality with absolute artistry and the unshakable soul of ageless hip hop.

The MRK SX is a complete collection of features. MRK SX is one of the most well-kept secrets in the gaming industry, having come from the hip-hop-heavy city of Detroit and currently living in Atlanta. The Air Force veteran also has a Bachelor’s degree in audio production, which allows him to work in various creative environments without feeling uncomfortable.

MRK SX is so unique because of his brilliant wordplay, harmonious and melodic hooks, and catchy choruses will quickly satisfy the most ardent underground hip hop fan as well as listeners of mainstream hip hop music.

The music begins with a dramatic production that forms outside the studio, and the intensity of the bass and beat is tremendous as a result of the abrupt shift into the track.

With this comes the lead vocal and various bits of song interspersed throughout the outer layers, which establish a timeless sense of hip hop unity and anthem-like intensity that has become distinctive with the genre.

The beginning verse pays homage to the clarity of the genre’s dawn. The last verse adopts the rhythm and effects of the contemporary environment, and underlying this is a bass-heavy yet melodious soundscape flawlessly created.

The whole piece is only a little more than three minutes long, but it hits with more force than the small-time span would otherwise allow because of that intense energy and melodic brilliance. Similarly, the accompanying video impresses with a brilliant variety of visuals, and the performer himself is lost in the scene and the performance. It’s straightforward but effective in terms of the track’s background and goals.

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