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A creative production, with soulful music and the melody at the same time. 21 year old singer based in Malta, SHIRLEY has become a magnificent singer over the years. She is not only a singer but also a songwriter as well. She is also truly passionate about RnB, Pop, and Soul genres at the same time. 

SHIRLEY has released her single “Why” to all the audience out there with a unique touch all over this mind-blowing track. “Why” can be categorized as one side of love with so much passion all over the track. This is one of the beautiful and humble tracks with a timeless quality and you all will feel a calm confident delivery – from a clearly passionate and emotionally authentic SHIRLEY.

If you can find an attractive video with an amazing track, the whole thing can create a great combination altogether and always. “Why” has already been produced with a great video that will attract your eye and the ear at the same time. As listeners and viewers, you all can feel SHIRLEY is featuring breathy, Upfront rhythmic vocals and she has beautifully crafted this piece of work, rising up from dreamy beginnings to the brightness and energy at the same time.
This whole production will take you to another world and you all can figure the uniqueness and the alive performance throughout the track. Leading with an immediate appeal for blending a decidedly colorful soundscape and deep down vocals always add a true color to this awesome track as well. SHIRLEY nicely brings us another side of love and hope you can catch her message soon.

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