Wild One by Levi Blom

Levi Blom is a musician that knows how to create an atmosphere and a mood with his songs, both artistically and lyrically. “Wild One” immediately introduces that sort of inventiveness, gradually enveloping its audience in a world that is both modern and electrifying with the spirit of country music.

Levi Blom is a 27-year-old Montana native who grew up in a rural community. His first love was hockey, which he pursued for the more significant part of 20 years, but following a career-ending injury, he decided to focus on his musical interest. 

Being from Montana, his life has always been country, from growing up on a farm to riding horses. Therefore it’s no surprise that his genre is country! He gets his inspiration to write from the death of his best buddy, as well as all of life’s twists and turns! He has always alleged that “life is short, so live it!”

The single begins with the soulful expression of that classic, Americana-kissed vocal – short bars for the verse, a rise and fall that rapidly draws you in – and then moves on to the marching rhythm of an organic guitar, bass, and beat, which is softly hypnotic in motion.

“Wild One,” Levi Blom’s most uplifting hit to date, takes metaphor to the following degree, blending the historical force of country songs with a definite edge of music today and production – creating a natural yet unique sound that resonates readily.

Levi Blom’s passionate voice more than takes the weight of this building development, increasing the excitement throughout.

Levi Blom promises contemplative, hopeful composition and a voice that feels naturally connected to this genre and the song’s thoughts. It’s country, to be sure, but with a unique twist.

There’s a polished finish to the whole arrangement, and it spills through with equal amounts of dynamic and instant familiarity – the hook sinks in, as does the artist’s approach. Artistically there’s a reasonable level to admire, which distinguishes this from the number of modern songs.

In addition to all of this, the song itself sounds excellent – good vibes fill the room, an uplifting force and multiple layers of color and melody help light things up—an easy hit.