Work For You by Nick Sanzeri

When it comes to writing unique music, Nick Sanzeri is meticulous, as evidenced by his most recent release, which is a wonderful illustration of that. Work For You is a sweetly seductive pop record with a partly organic soundtrack and a quickly elevating rhythm that manages to strike a delicate balance between professionalism and genuine feeling.

Nick Sanzeri is a musician who expresses himself through his music and performs all of the work himself. Writing, arranging, performing, and producing are all aspects of his work. It results in a piece that is one-of-a-kind, engaging, and completely original!

A fine balance exists between delicate soundscape complexities – flickers of melodic line and lightness, partly organic feeling – and a vocal line and string of lyrics that are both unexpected and straightforward. As a result, the song “Work For You” is quick to intrigue and leave a subtle but specific mark on the listener.

Nick Sanzeri’s intense and pinched vibrato easily coolly terminates notes, and his distinct voice also works remarkably well in setting down perfectly clean vocal pads to complement the lead. However, the vocals also show a talent for pivoting on the fly – an angular quality that permits notes to shift direction with minimal effort, which is both skilled and potentially the source of earworms.

Following the gradually rising weight and warmth of Work For You, the artist proceeds with notions and the exquisite art of sound design – breathy, whispered vocals lead into the heavier hit of the hook – while light electronic drum solos shower down and drop in tandem with the chord progression. It’s an effortless vibe to get lost in, with familiar yet fresh content, and it’s a great way to start the single.

Indie pop may be a bit odd genre, but that is exactly what it should be, and this is exactly what it is. This is a track that should not be missed. 

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