Your Eyes by Jim Ittenbach and Troubled Spirit

“Your Eyes,” Jim Ittenbach’s latest release with Troubled Spirit, is a Classic Rock blockbuster about unrequited love. It has the usual degree of lyrical depth and musicianship that Jim Ittenbach and Troubled Spirit have become known for. Make sure to watch the stunning finish.

Troubled Spirit is based in the Baltimore/Washington DC area. The band is led by singer/songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and flutist Jim Ittenbach. 

What initially charms for its simplicity and musical prowess later engages for its distinctively dynamic plot and the way the band quite freely combines a range of influences to land here eventually, on the moon, with their own sound, their own style.

“Jim Ittenbach” introduces himself as an artist who has an evident passion for rock music throughout the decades. “Your Eyes” has a classic-rock backdrop, with cascading guitar riffs, a raw drum beat, and a boy-next-door vocal that’s as silky as it is gritty as it wanders through the plot. Then there are the words and this long-form, continually-building tune that draws you further into the song.

Things get intense right away, and that feeling doesn’t go away. The vocals impact a limited range, paving the way for an ultimately anthem-like entire, replete with outstanding guitar and drum solos and an exceptional flute solo throughout the instrumental portion.

Modern rock meets a lot more classic rock aura, nicely showcasing a band made up of outstanding musicians who clearly enjoy what they do.

Really, “Your Eyes” is a terrific song – well-crafted, tastefully orchestrated, lyrically engaging and refreshingly original, and honest. It also confidently reintroduces the classic rock sound with its riffs, intensity, and freely expressive set-up. Awesome.

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