4kMarte – My Day 1 [1 Take Performance]

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Meet 4kMarte, the 11-year-old rising R&B artist from Texas who’s capturing hearts with his soulful voice and mature songwriting. His latest track, “My Day 1,” is a tribute to friendship and loyalty, inspired by the classic R&B hits his parents grew up with.

Since starting his musical journey at age 7, 4kMarte has been on a mission to bring back the essence of timeless R&B, drawing inspiration from artists like Sammie, Mario, Lil Corey, and Chris Brown. “My Day 1” is a smooth and soulful track that showcases his vocal talent and commitment to reviving the classic R&B sound.

Stay tuned for upcoming events, shows, and new music from 4kMarte by following him on Instagram @4kmarte_official. “My Day 1” is now available on all major streaming platforms—give it a listen and witness the future of R&B.

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