AydrA: A Journey Through Death Metal

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AydrA’s musical odyssey traces back to 1991 when Francesco Olivi and Mauro Pacetti joined forces, birthing the band known then as Hydra. Evolving into AydrA, the group’s metamorphosis culminated in the “Penance Stare” demo of 1993, a precursor to their artistic evolution.

In 1995, Nicola Raffaeli’s arrival as drummer heralded a new chapter, marked by the recording of “Psycho Pain Control” in 1996. Despite challenges, including label negotiations and lineup changes, AydrA persevered, releasing “Icon of Sin” in 1999, a testament to their resilience.

The band’s zenith arrived with 2004’s “Hyperlogical Non-Sense,” showcasing their prowess in technical death metal. Despite personnel shifts, AydrA persisted, culminating in a 2012 reunion and subsequent tours.

Now, with “The Day of the Wedding,” AydrA unveils another chapter in their death metal saga, promising an auditory experience that transcends boundaries and resonates with fans worldwide.

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