Be Careful What You Do to Me by Emekx

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The recent release “Be Careful What You Do to Me” by “Emekxis” is  a track that stands entirely unique in both the writing style and the musicality of it all. The beat that kicks it off sets a great vibe, then what follows is a fairly unexpected and brilliantly unusual melody and progression of chords. The music and the vocals stand together perfectly within the track, and at times – it’s almost a pop kind of musical art, which is incredible; a winning fusion of inspiration and creativity if ever there was one.

“Emekx” is an avid fan of pop, but what separates him from much of the crowd is his innate creativity. His ability to make great music out of nothing, again and again; fusing originality with personality, and individual flair. He’s building these tracks for artists to collaborate with, yet they work pretty damn well on their own, in all honesty. The music is unique and varied, the rhythm, the beat, the sounds and effects used throughout – everything has Emekx ’s stamp on it; his creative mind shines brightly with every element.

It’s a pretty stunning track on its own, to be fair, I’ve listened relentlessly to this one over the past few days – you can really turn it up loud and get lost in the music and the soundscape. Essentially though, what it does is force you to form ideas, to make up lyrics as you involve yourself in it, which is just fantastic – exactly the kind of effect producers and beat makers should be looking to achieve if they hope to collaborate with other people. The possibilities beyond just the music are endless, and that’s what makes him a great producer.

As the track comes towards the end, the bridge section comes in, a brand new melody and set of lyrics, a nice little twist in the story. As mentioned, those classic pop vibes really stand strong in this one, right the way through. It’s also worth pointing out that the music is quite flawlessly produced, to a quality that will satisfy fans on any speaker system. It always makes a huge difference when the final mix has been artistically and professionally crafted, as well as the song itself.

Individuality is hugely important in independent music, and with Emekx ’s music you get a good mixture of this with a comforting sense of familiarity – the music put out has been written and produced by a lover and evident master of the genre. For where it falls in the music world, it’s a job done superbly, not least of all because of that undeniably catchy and memorable hook. The good news is, there’s plenty more music where that came from – Emekx is a dedicated artist with a whole collection of music for you to delve into.

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