Big Dog Status by PCA BEEZY

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It’s an absolute pleasure to discover an authentic, creative new track “Big Dog Status” by “PCA BEEZY” that ticks all of the boxes that the former genre intended to back in the day. 

The main reason this track works so well is that either the ambiance or the song alone would make for a beautiful listening experience. The soundscape, without the melody, has the complex detail and color required to really let you disappear into the moment. This is from the opening few bars of upbeat yet delicate synth play, to the full throttle finale – in which a soundscape part runs wild among its chaotic and vibrant surroundings. The same effectiveness can be found in the song alone – as you follow the leading voice along, in all of its beauty and style, you get lost in the melody, the story, the emotion, the sound. The latter is a slightly different experience, as there is clearly an element of humanity to connect with – that realness and honesty, that personality. The fact that you get both of these elements working in unison within a single is just brilliant.

“PCA BEEZY” has a hugely recognisable voice that delivers the passion and sentiment of this song brilliantly. Furthermore, PCA BEEZY’s vocal performance is stunning, soulful and equally passionate – further emphasizing those inherent values and creating a solid contrast with the voice presented elsewhere. In addition to all of this, the music works hard to consistently represent the ideas and the truth within – hence the earlier comment about how strong the set-up is. PCA BEEZY’s production is all at once creative and professional, bringing out the brightness of the music as well as keeping your focus on those voices and those lyrics when necessary.

Certain riffs throughout, particularly during the verses, add a definite touch of style that acts as a further trait of the whole release. Some of the lyrics also strike as really unique to the artist, helping craft that clear image and energy to effectively represent the sound. The music isn’t heavy, it’s light and uplifting, yet there’s so much going on – fans of rap or hip hop music will revel in the vibe of the single.

The production is superb on this and really the result is a gorgeously nostalgic offering of music that comes soaked in a certain artistic freshness. It’s comforting, familiar, as well as new and exciting. A beautiful piece of music with some stunning vocals to fill out the dreamlike space between those moments when the pace smashes sky high.

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