Bloodstains in the Rear View by IRod and the Auxiliary

Ideally crafted vibes for the summer season, IRod and the Auxiliary blends mellow yet hype-worthy melodies to provide an experience that is downright refreshing. Bloodstains in the Rear View is the perfect track to listen to while cruising down the street with the windows down or while kicking back at home with a cold beverage in hand.

IRod and the Auxiliary is a pop/rock/indie band based in Vermont, United States. They blend organic and synthetic elements  to create a unique sound that is ” both emotionally stirring and melodically entrancing.” 

Bloodstains in the Rear View is a unique approach to the summertime hip hop sound, and it is sure to be a favourite for many. The song features a catchy chorus and soul-touching lyrics, making it a perfect summertime anthem.

The song starts with mellow acoustic guitars and immediately sets the tone for the track. The vocals go to high notes within seconds to run back into low notes, providing a range that is both impressive and calming. The lyrics are about lost love and provide a message that is both deep and meaningful.

The production of the track is top-notch, and the mix is perfect. The acoustic guitars are nicely blended with the 808 drums and synthesizers, creating a summery sound that is both unique and catchy.

If there is anything to blame, it’s the brevity of the track. At just under two minutes, the song feels like it could have been longer. However, this is a minor complaint and does not take away from the overall quality of the track.

Overall, Bloodstains in the Rear View is a summer bop that is sure to get you moving. The track is catchy, well-produced, and features soulful lyrics that will resonate with many. If you are looking for a new summer anthem, look no further than IRod and the Auxiliary.

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