Breaking the Code by Stray Tablet

The delightful purity of the music and gently presented intimate, honest, and whispered vocals set the tone for “Breaking the Code,” an unmissable gem from the fantastic Stray Tablet, a track that must automatically go straight into the weekly playlist.

“Breaking the Code” is a bit more simple, appealing alternative tack, with a vivid, melodic undertone that furthers the embrace of its escapism. “Breaking the Code” is familiar in style for its sound qualities and especially rich with character traits that keep things interesting.

Following this, the vocal takes on a more recognizable and slightly less distinct form, effectively nodding its head to the well-known sound of today’s musical environment while remaining true to itself. The beat, on the other hand, keeps things interesting. 

It is effective in creating a sense of tranquility and contrast with the vocal’s rhythm and outspoken personality, which is achieved through the music that is washed over you as the song develops.

Beyond the music, the artist’s voice has a lot of personalities; his tone, casual delivery style, and even his words all point toward an evident passion for performing and producing bars that are meant to be entertaining for the listener.

As a whole, the song has a polished, professional feel to it, and the hook settles in quickly. Musically, there is a decent amount to appreciate, which separates this from the majority of recent releases.