Bright by KenithWF3

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Bright” is the immense new release from artist and creative producer “KenithWF3”. The track emerges like no other and continues to overwhelm with a continuously experimental, hypnotic soundscape that cascades around you from start to finish.

The music here stands out for so many reasons, the overall mood of the music is maintained throughout and there are definite traits or characteristics that stay present and clear at all times. For the most part though, everything else appears unexpectedly – these unpredictable, creative details step up to center stage one by one, building essentially an other-worldly ambiance that is as complex as it is haunting.

The music begins with a simple yet powerful audio snippet that lays the foundation and sets the scene effectively. KenithWF3’s performance style on this single has a definite level of angst in talking about this particular topic, though for the most part there’s something completely relaxed about it all – almost as if the artist is completely done with or over this, tired to the core of its pain and difficulty; as so many who are affected by this disease tend to feel. The voice has something about it that reflects the drug reference in the opening line, so you get this laid back sense of escapism that presents and contrasts greatly with the explicit awesomeness within the lyrics. The struggle is all-consuming, and this shows – the more you hear these lines spinning out and around, the more the pain of the situation starts to show itself.

The song in its entirety floats around you in a calming manner, which, despite earlier genre references, actually draws comparisons with hip-hop. The build-up and the beat have a n awesome kind of vibe. The instrumentation is more hip hop than organic, but somehow the skill that has gone into crafting the track has prevented this from taking away any of its humanity. The song feels emotionally real, and the longer you listen, the more it connects with you. It’s blissfully easy to listen to this one on repeat. Well worth a download.

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