Chicken In The Freezer by DeJohn

DeJohn’s sound has an unmistakable touch of character to it that you quickly warm to throughout his latest releases. Chicken In The Freezer is one of the amazing, unique tracks that you are going to listen to. The leading voice pours through with a certain fusion of delicacy and personality that feels very genuine and carries the sentiment and melody of the song really well.

When you listen to this track, first of all, you all will notice the catchy vibe and the story behind the same. Even though the lyrics are simple, there is a huge and interesting meaning behind this amazing track. This particular track really showcases the joyful, optimistic angle, and to listen with this in contrast to what follows is to really appreciate the brightness and the hopefulness that can be heard throughout the soundscape and the performance. The switch from the verse to the hook works well, it’s gentle yet it hits a level of anticipation and impact in a gorgeously genuine way.

The truth is in the lyrics, through and through. The hook offers the center of the story in a genuine and memorable way, the verses offer the detail and further dashes of emotional struggle in a manner that captivates. The later occasions in which the hook returns make for totally recognizable sections of the song that satisfy and are left lingering in your mind for a fair while after listening

Chicken In The Freezer is a totally characterful and memorable release, easy to get into, familiar yet fresh at the very same time. Throughout the three-minute experience, DeJohn showcases numerous takes on performance, moving swiftly from the mellow verse to the melodic bridge to the quicker-paced music section. The energy of his vocal delivery and even the tone of his voice progress throughout, providing an unusual sense of structure for the song. Everything around this maintains a certain level of color and movement – the beat, as stated, holds tight to that entrancing aura.