Crybaby by Josy B

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Josy B, a musician and artist glue her place in the 2022 music scene with a stylish blend of hip hop-tinged RnB beat, ethereal ambiance, and sweet pop vocals. The artist’s variety and specific abilities are smartly demonstrated by the appealing and intimate new hit “Crybaby.”

“Crybaby” gets off to a good start and works hard for your attention discreetly throughout. Josy B’s voice floats through this R&B-style melody with serene assurance. What matters is that this does not override the apparent emotion and honesty in her voice; on the contrary, it enhances it.

While the setup is simple, Josy B makes the most of it with an authentic performance — there’s a true lightness in the tone, a sense of love and admiration in the way he handles the melody; she dominates the tune, not the other way around.

Flashy effects and various musical layers are unnecessary — Josy B’s inherent confidence and skill result in an expressive delivery that more than adequately conveys the underlying thoughts. She portrays the entire thing with appropriate emotion and owing to a minimalist yet expertly produced ambiance, which is required to allow the song to connect and leave its mark.

In many aspects, the song has a timeless feel to it, yet from a songwriting standpoint, this hook and beat indeed highlight something new and refreshing. The balance works nicely; nostalgia has its place, and in this case, it helps the song connect while also highlighting Josy B as an artist with a long-standing passion for the art form.

Subtle production decisions help raise things; the vocal portions’ call and response or rise and fall are expertly threaded in within the beat, and soft keys may be found elsewhere. The final single successfully blends elements of vintage R&B with a brief dancehall bounce and a soft, sincere pop core that connects with listeners across the board.

Future releases will surely reach an even more significant number of listeners due to this combination of strengths and the authenticity and integrity of the Josy B voice. Thankfully, “Crybaby” is just a teaser from the artist.

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