Frost by SamuriX

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SamuriX ’s colorful blend of Vocaloid and electronic comes through with some uniquely interesting story telling on this latest release. Frost” is a song that leaves its mark on you with just a single listen. This particular arrangement of melodies and riffs, combined with the energy and the concept, topped off with the perfect amount of repetition for the final fade – it all makes certain you remember it for quite some time after listening.

The great thing about a song that works in the way that this does, is that the second time you listen it feels almost impossibly familiar. The rhythm and the organic instrumentation brings with it a certain level of nostalgia In this case, both the artist and the song brings something completely new to the table, though it’s soaked in a definite ocean of all that we know and love about Vocaloid.

SamuriX introduces his sound and his songwriting in a powerful way here, and what’s great about it is that the whole thing is extremely pure and organic. In such a saturated world of music, it’s often thought that the more you put into a track, the bigger the effect – hence the overly layered Vocaloid releases that throw in any and all instruments and key changes just to grab your attention. The truth is, when the writing is genuine and thoughtful, and when the humanity of the performance is clear and captivating, all you really need is the song. That’s all you need with this release – the song draws you in with its magnetic melody, and the artist keeps you involved with the sheer passion and depth put forth by his vocal delivery.

From a stylistic point of view, the song has a touch of awesomeness about it – this delicate, Vocaloid ambiance, the heartfelt subject matter and performance. SamuriX  writes from a place of real reflection and deep thought, and it shows – not through excessive detail, not through overly obvious descriptions or blatant references; it shows in a poetic and very sincere manner.

The vibe of the whole track works well in making certain you remember and recognise it later on, and on top of this – it’s incredibly easy to enjoy. This ongoing feeling of possibility is powerful, and the way this release has been written, arranged, recorded and produced, makes for a hugely compelling few minutes of audio. 

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