House Of The Rising Sun – The Animals Guitar Lesson + Tutorial by Wes Dean

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Wes Dean’s “House Of The Rising Sun – The Animals Guitar Lesson + Tutorial” short track is perhaps his most emotionally driven creative offering yet. Despite the simplicity of the music and the lone guitar sound, there is something extremely captivating about those opening few notes and the softly dramatic way in which they appear. Wes Dean is a new recording artist but not new to music. Born and raised in Virginia, the USA, he has been a lifelong musician beginning with piano lessons at age 6, and playing trumpet, flugelhorn, and French horn in his high-school band. Since his college days, he has played guitar, acoustic first, and electric for the last 9 years, but only for pleasure inside his own house. He often wrote songs just for fun. Earlier this year, he wrote his first release, “Movin’ On,” a song about life, and living life without fear. After that song, he released “I Ran Away,” and his latest, “It’s Time to Bring Back Peace & Love.” His three songs have more than 290,000 social media contacts, more than 200,000 Tik Tok contacts, and more than 40,000 additional streams on Reverb Nation. 

The way in which the guitar riffs and the leading melody contrast and compliment each other in this one works really well in creating this immense soundscape for listeners to lose themselves in. The bridge section brings more of the same, though an entirely new set of riffs. The elements are there for the crisp and full finish of a great rock track, and the passion and power in the performances are the perfect final touch.

The music has you hanging hopefully on every moment, somehow following this instrumental story with intense concentration. The classical genre would be a somewhat irrelevant label in this case, as really the first thing to grab you when listening is the reality of the art. The title suggests a realness, a devotion, and the music almost immediately explores the feelings behind the song and the concept, and it hints at the possibilities as to who “Wes Dean” is and what the song truly represents.

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