Hustle Muscle by Rickey Ramsey

Introducing a refreshingly classic take on purposeful, colorful yet soothing hip hop – Rickey Ramsey elevates things to the next level creatively with intriguing and ultimately profound Choices. “Hustle Muscle” is Ramsey’s new single and this has the most unique vibe throughout the track. Rickey Ramsey Is A American Musician, Actor, and Entrepreneur That has released his 8th Mixtape and 6th Music Video. Available on all platforms.

Heavy sound-design and gritty, focused lyrical outpourings – The Rickey Ramsey recrafts the style of the genre with this creative and intentional new single. Hustle Muscle is featuring one of the cinematic scenarios and as the audience, we eagerly want to go through the video since it is catchy and marvelous at the same time. 

Undoubtedly Rickey Ramsey is one of the most fascinating artists of the year and Smart bars kick things off in a refreshing way, and later all is resolved well with the hook as well. Nicely produced and presented with a great vibe all over the track. And  Rickey Ramsey could release the most fascinating video to this amazing track as well. 

Witness the track through the links below and stay tuned with Rickey Ramsey to see his more amazing future work in the near future. 

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