I can’t Breathe by Don Pelo

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“ I Can’t Breathe” by “Don Pelo” is one of the awesome tracks with a deep meaning. “Don Pelo” is a Singer, songwriter, photographer, actor, painter, and poet. Born in Carrefour, Haiti. Not every singer can attract the audience with a great voice, lyrics, and performance at once. 

The artist’s vocal performance style stands out well among its peers – the sound is fresh, as mentioned, and there’s a beautifully satisfying rhythm to the delivery. Furthermore, the voice itself brings with it all the relevant emotions to carry the concept of the song well. You can hear the passion behind the words, and once you familiarize yourself with the lyrics it becomes even clearer.

The open nature of the lyrics works well in bringing together more and more people who are likely to be able to relate to the words and the issues raised throughout. It’s an effective way to write a pop song, and it contrasts with the issue of excluding or ignoring people by doing the very opposite – there’s a sense of togetherness, of everyone is welcome to join the fight. The fight is for equality, the song being a force for good; a drive for positivity and understanding.

The music is great, the artist brings a good level of energy, and as mentioned – the passion is consistent throughout, in both the vocal performance and in the build-up of the music. The instrumentation is stylish and skillful – every riff, every added sound, every moment the beat brings about.

The lyrics are simple but effective, the imagery is powerful as it conjures up certain emotions that tie in well with the concept. The verses express the issues, and the hook expresses one of the only currently accessible solutions. As the song develops, the drive for change increases in presence and intensity, and the music reinforces all of this really well. The artist offers another wonderful voice in an ever-important and, hopefully, growing ocean of hope and positive influence. Well worth supporting.

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