I’m a Savage by Gmoney

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Gmoney ’s track “I’m a Savage” brings a little bit of dreamlike ambiance and drives it along with some mellow yet confident rap, gradually adding in those hip-hop and r&b vibes. The backing track is really something. The beat is unusually light, the synth riff playing throughout the backdrop has a sound that is equal parts calming and slightly haunting. The artist’s leading voice on top of this has, as mentioned, a mellow presentation to it, but with enough off an up close and personal recording that you can pick out and appreciate the tone of his voice and the style of his flow. 

The songwriting is noticeably unique, not simply in the lyrics, but in the way the whole thing has been crafted by the artist so as to relevantly reflect the feeling at each point in the song. The importance of structure has been realized and utilized effectively, so when things get emotional, the music gets loud, and when things simmer down a little, the music falls away appropriately. This creative touch adds so much value to the music, and really makes the song stand out as an individual project indicative of the artists’ own personality and style. It also really allows you to hear those lyrics in full, and to get yourself familiar with the leading vocal – it’s one that is fresh and fairly quickly recognizable as well. It’s a good combination of factors that lead to the sound being purely theirs.

The lyrics are a huge part of what makes this song so striking, though the structure and the performances throughout are the light that guides you to notice them. It’s important that everything works well as a unit and each element compliments those around it, which is absolutely the case with I’m a Savage.” 

As hip-hop goes this hits the mark in all the right ways. The energy is kept to that blissful level within which you’re chilled out, but aware – paying attention at all the right times, feeling the good vibes throughout, and taking something of worth away with you when you stop listening. After hearing even just this one track from Topnotch, a further look into his musical catalog seems essential.

There’s undoubtedly something of worth being said, something not often expressed in modern music, and it’s being said in an incredibly interesting and attention grabbing way. At times the lyrical substance seems a little more connected to the heavier or metal side of rap music – it’s actually really refreshing to hear a very raw, hip hop sound soaked in so much feeling and honesty. It’s an anthem by all accounts, with a memorable and addictive hook, but also with some very honest and deeply reflective connotations. It’s an important song, expressing an important issue. Well worth a listen.

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