I’m a Savage by Gmoney

Gmoney’s latest release promises a creative and professional shift in direction for modern independent music. I’m a Savage” is an awesome single – its sound and overall vibe seems to fuse equal parts electronic rock and alternative hip hop, even with a hearty and gradually intensifying beat fit for any and all EDM remixes.

The second time I heard this, the opening soundscape and melody – these short lines, even the sound of his voice – all felt immediately familiar. The strength of the songwriting above all else is what drives this approach to music. There’s a rap edge to the writing and to the clear rising passion in the leading voice and the instrumentation as it builds. The audio weaves in and out of view, toying with the moment and the listener – a journey that captivates even more-so when experienced with the intriguing accompanying audio.

The whole thing has been brilliantly crafted, cleverly written and powerfully performed. Hypnotic and intense synths rain down during the latter half, creating this whirlwind of electronic rhythm and energy, and as the repetition leads you through to the finish – you feel swept away by the vibrancy of it all; not unlike you might with an EDM release. There’s nothing overly heavy about the track, but it hits with impact – the arrangement and these simple yet effective moments of melody and performance all draw you in at just the right times. If you want it to energize you, or let you escape entirely into the style and character of the scene – simply turn it up loud and let go of your worries for a while.

The more you listen, the more familiar it all becomes. At first, the affected hook melody stands out for that contrast with the realness of the verse vocal, but later on – you come to recognise it in this way, and quite quickly it fits. It gives the song something slightly quirky or alternative, alongside some more widely accessible and relatable verse sections. Essentially, you get the best of both worlds. The song is easy to get into, it’s relevant to all of us – to anyone and everyone who hears it, and it’s also a little unusual; in a beautiful way.

There’s a sense of confidence to it all, particularly the spoken word or speech style part – the song offers an empowering aura that draws you in more and more as the whole thing progresses. It’s a grower, for sure – intriguing at first but genuinely enjoyable and, as stated, refreshing the more involved you get.