Jackie by Hyperspace

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“Hyperspace” is a band who takes the rhythm and soundscape style of much of modern rock and places upon it his own unique stamp of identity and character. “Jackie” is a song that from a distance seems like a classic from recent years; the mellow energy of it, the beat, the vocal flow, the awesome-tune. However, to listen up close and personal is to witness those intricate details that make this a unique and easily recognisable release.

The song creates a certain ambiance and mood from the offset, which is built upon more and more as things progress. The instrumentation is the sort that removes the barriers between the rock world and the somewhat more organic one. There’s a definite rock edge to it all that really works in its favor, and furthermore, Jason’s leading voice and lyricism make for something incredibly soulful and fresh. You can hear the passion in his voice, rising at the right times, being more delicate when necessary – it makes up the bulk of that signature trait or sound that gives the music such a strong sense of identity.

Oftentimes such an unusual fusion of genres can fail to meet the needs of either audience. However, in the age of the internet, of mass musical production and consumption, of crossed genres and creative freedom – if the fusion is executed effectively, you get something that scores highly from every angle. That’s precisely what you get with this release. The freshness, how unexpected it is, how addictively energizing it is – all of this draws your focus to both a skilled and experienced producer, and the sound of an artist who is wholeheartedly and authentically fighting to keep the essence of rock music alive and kicking.

The great thing about a song like this is that it lays bare the true creative behind it. There’s no sign of direct outside influence, the song expresses a certain sentiment, the raw emotion is powerful, and so it all comes through as very real and believable. The concept and the title are interesting enough to draw you in, though occasionally in rock music you get a unique title that stands simply to fit that idea of being unique – the song thereafter isn’t always as refreshing. In this case though, the songwriter categorically backs up the implication. The artistry of this style of performance and writing is beautiful to witness.

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