Kno U Bogus by Melvino 

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“Melvino” returns with the realness and style to remind you what hip-hop can really be – the poetry, the creativity, the ambiance, the energy. Kno U Bogus” features a beautifully atmospheric musical backdrop, one which lightly raises the artist’s smooth and focused rap vocal performance to the point that each and every one of his lyrics hits with strength and meaning.

The mellow nature of the music contrasts slightly with the underlying realness – the chords chosen, the melodic vocal part running consistently in the backdrop – it all has a slightly serious mood to it; not haunting, but the sort that reaches out to your soul and seeks genuine connection. The development of the music and the performance brings about a touch of the classic hip-hop sound, the final few moments focusing on the melody and that key idea, that concept, and title. It’s a supremely well-built piece of music and writing that pours out through your speakers or headphones as if it were the day’s prayer. The storyline, however, is very personal, and despite the way it may make you feel as a listener, the experiences and characters that come through are true to the artist and hold a certain connection and weight with himThe hook is the main driving force behind the whole release. The rhythm and flow of it is something that comes in just enough times to make sure you know what you’ve experienced and you’ll remember it. 

The intensity of the music is as striking as ever. “Melvino” takes the most alternative synths and sounds available and seems to express certain emotional depths by means of specific production techniques, even so much so as which type of distortion to use and when exactly to use it. Throughout the two minutes and twenty-five seconds that Kno U Bogus is playing, there are distorted walls of sound followed by gentle and dreamlike puddles of minimalism, all of which adds to the emotional realness and the journey, and all of which showcases the true scope of his ability as a an artist and a producer.That classic and even retro hip-hop vibe is something that is likely to appeal to fans of the genre who’ve become somewhat tired of the overuse of auto-tune and other such modern-day rap music techniques and effects; those that tend to overpower the actual essence and sentiment of the genre. Here the heart of the genre is maintained and celebrated, and this brings a definite sense of realness. Plus, those characters, that personality, it all shines more accessible and honestly in this kind of setting. The more you listen, the more familiar those voices become, and the sound has certain collective qualities that further the authenticity., ultimately adding an undeniably human element of authenticity.

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