Lonely World by Depollock

Depollock’s music is so blissfully organic and gentle sounding that it’s extremely easy to press play and simply forget yourself for a while. Lonely World” opens up with the melancholy picking of with a great soundscape. Soon enough, the artist’s undeniably unique leading voice steps forward to express an unpredictable and beautifully appropriate string of lyrics.

The lyrics of the song are clearly very personal and mean something very real to the songwriter, yet the great thing about lyrics like this is that they relate to their audience, they make sense and hopefully connect with anyone who hears them. The melody chosen to deliver these lines, throughout the verses and the chorus section, is subtle yet effective in really passing on that emotional energy. There’s sadness, of course, but there’s also a lot of optimism and hope within the song. The concept of dedication, of real love, of there being nothing to worry about in the spaces between being together – it’s comforting, and Depollock expresses it in a very genuine way.

The songwriting has something notably unusual about it, and this is the main thing to strike hard from the new track – you’re likely to find yourself hanging on those words, reading through the lyrics even, and wondering what inspired it all. The song has an interesting array of lyricism and it features a really appealing use of phrasing – the shorter lyrical moments contrast well with the somewhat more complex ones. The hook section, for example; has a great melody and again a real moment of modern pop in the way the music builds up and cascades around you. The artist presents a strong yet gentle-when-necessary leading vocal, and although the melody is memorable and easy to get into, there’s definite darkness about the performance and the whole track in general that listeners are likely to find intriguing.

Depollock’s voice is most definitely one of the first things to strike as true to the individual, but the lyrics offer an array of imagery and ideas that are representative of a certain perspective and way of thinking, and this offers even more of the one-of-a-kind character that drives this particular creative angle. It’s a pleasure to stumble upon, and the song quickly becomes familiar and easy to sing along with after just a couple of listens.

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