Love Me Still by Earl Miller Music Channel

Earl Miller Music is a platform, created to feature my original and interpretations of popular cover music. Earl Miller features jazz, classical, funk, r&b, folk, fusion, soul, reggae, gospel, and rock genres. Earl Miller Music Channel is a perfect platform for talented, gifted musicians or vocalists all around the world.  “Love Me Still” is an awesome heart-touching cover by Latrice Carr to all the audience out there.

It’s a beautiful piece of music that really requires you to take the time out to just sit back and experience it. The accompanying video enhances the effects superbly, with its equally natural simplicity, a slightly jarred reality expressed through minimal visual effects – as a complete piece of art it’s an incredibly well-crafted release.

The track appears as much more of a soundscape than a song, especially in terms of structure. The music is gentle but intense; it builds, without getting noisy. The story unfolds, the poetry of it soaks into you, the hypnotic looping of those instruments, and that relaxed, calming, almost whispered vocal performance makes for a mind-altering few minutes.

To consider production as an art form is something that requires the very best of musicality, not just in terms of the final polish that brightens up the mix, but in terms of the creativity that is able to thrive within the walls of the music. It is indeed an art form, as much as any type of songwriting or performance is, but it’s one that often gets left backstage to congratulate itself. 

It really goes without saying thatLove Me Still” is a stunning piece of music. It makes your mind wander, it alters your perspective entirely, in a very gritty and honest sort of way – and quite cleverly, as mentioned, in a moment it all appears to be over, and you really feel that when the song ends; it really sinks in. It’s an amazing effect.