LUNATICOS by Smoon green

Creative producer Smoon green crafts uniquely cinematic, detailed soundscapes amidst surprisingly fast-paced, energetic dance beats throughout an array of techno  rhythms for his latest single, “LUNATICOS.” 

 Smoon green was born two years before the global pandemic, thinking about how to return joy to a world that was totally in uncertainty, darkness, and sadness, SMOON GREEN is the character of a man whose promise is to return joy through music and video Very funny music clips with very funny and unique characters, with proposals of rhythms from rave, techno, electronic, rock. rap, urban, reage, ragetoon ECT ……. with a very original spatial style with many ancestral, modern and oldies fusions naming them MOLDY LUNATICA with the theme of extraterrestrial aliens starting their first album called PROYECTO LUNATICO “after collapse”

“LUNATICOS” quickens the tempo and shifts the mood to a warmer, more immersive setting. Where there was once empty space in the setup, the music now totally fills the room.

The beat has a new feel to it, whether muggier or smoother, upfront and strong. It’s captivating, and as the soundtrack progresses, it completely surrounds you.

As is the Smoon greenway, this track veers off down some unpredictable creative pathway, feeling a little like the introduction to some eighties sci-fi film. The sounds and samples that make up the soundscape are perhaps his most undetectable yet – fragments of confused, twisted audio, interwoven in a rhythmically hypnotic manner.

And as is often the case, there are these alien-type voices that introduce different characteristics into the journey, and there is also this distinctive sense of rising intensity.

It’s a tremendous moment, extremely engaging, grabbing hold of both the body and the soul at the same time — giving a sensation of reality shattering as this avalanche of ideas, sounds, and echo comes down and envelops you.

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