Madame Kapuscinska – Official Love Letter Music Video

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Madame Kapuscinska is a multi-talented artist that has won many awards for her exceptional performance. Some of them are  Actress, Dead Destination (2018), Best Young achiever finalist Chubs Awards, Best upcoming artist (2018), Best Performer (2017)Music Director (2016). She is a singer, songwriter, model, hostess, presenter and aspiring actress. She can sing Rock, R’n’B, Pop, Soundtracks, Country, Funky, Jazz, Swing, Rap, Ballads, Hip Hop, Soul, Dance, Reggae, Dubstep and Blues.

Madame Kapuscinska has produced over 80tracks and written way over 200 songs, with DDK varying from a wide range of genres, some of which are now placed in feature films. She has organised her own performances alongside DDK over the years and has performed at Icon Hotel, raised money for Keech Cottage, Haiti, Fringe Festival, Venus TV, Ben TV, The Performers Corner, Great Orchestra Charity, LUR live radio, Local Community Festivals, The Comedy Club, TropicalFm, BBC three Counties Radio, Luton Carnival Arts, Diverse FM, Hat Factory, The Forum and many more.

Official Love Letter starts with a piece of mellow music and a ballad verse, and then the music
progresses with a fast pacing rap verse. The pattern repeats until the song finishes giving it variety and uniqueness. Madame Kapuscinska’s vocals are versatile, powerful, confident and hypnotising that the listener will enjoy hearing the music. The lyrics are flawless and uplifting. An unusual mix nobody dares to experiment with; Official Love Letter is created with rap and ballad genre. And she has done an excellent job mixing many music genres into one song smoothly. Follow her in Instagram, Facebook.

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