Make You Mine (At Christmas Time) – KLOVO & Paloma Sridhar

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Bursting onto the scene just in time for the winter months, Make You Mine” is a huge song, a personal favorite from Paloma Sridhar to date and a stunning introduction to the gorgeous vocals of Paloma Sridhar. Paloma Sridhar is an India-born/Ukraine based singer, songwriter, and artist best known for her smooth yet powerful vocals and high energy performances.

What works about this is that although the song has everything required to make a pop-Dance fusion release really hit hard – the contrast, the build-up, the weight, the color, the synths, the almighty soulful vocal – it also offers a distinctly thoughtful and melancholy touch of realness; something that can be felt in the performance and heard in the lyrics. The collaboration has brought to life a song with a meaningful, deeply human sentiment in the most real and striking way.

Make You Mine” is a song that quickly feels like a classic. Paloma Sridhar’s songwriting is of the professionally creative style that takes a central idea or hook and presents it in a couple of notably different yet fitting ways throughout a performance. In this case, the scene is set superbly – the details, the memories, the realness. Early on you get a brief snippet of that central idea in action, the quick rhythm of its delivery bringing about a nostalgic, pop effect that creates early on this feeling of the song being a classic.

What emerges initially is a light and dreamlike ocean of synths that paint around you a delicate aura of calm. A few seconds later though, the dream falls away, reality kicks in – this tribal-like beat appears, along with the perfectly fitting vocal melody delivered by a chorus of voices, and the now distinguishable instrumental moments that dive in and out of the mix like heavy foot-steps marching to the rhythm of the song’s sentiment.

The song is incredibly satisfying and offers just enough of that unique personality and freshness to make it recognisable in an instant after listening even just once or twice. The vibe is strong, yet with that underlying sadness there’s also something heart-breakingly real about it, and this makes it all the more powerful. I’m fairly certain we’ll be hearing a lot of this across the airwaves over the next few months.

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