Missing Puzzle Piece by K.W.E.S.I.

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“K.W.E.S.I.”’s music takes on a classic hip hop backdrop and vibe – thick beats, rhythm, simple and scene-setting chord progressions. On top of this the artist flaunts his own approach to performance and lyricism, adjusting to the changing pace of the music accordingly.

There are numerous moments of contrast within the instrumentation here, and indeed between the voices showcased – the lyrics add to this in some ways. The constant expression of needing to be true to oneself, needing space, seems almost like too much of a protest on occasion. Certain lines suggest that this has been playing on the mind of the central character, and this makes it beautifully real. At the same time, it’s easy to connect these thoughts and ideas to your own situation, and the blissful ambiance and crystal clear production allow you to really take that on and escape into the consideration and the moment.

Missing Puzzle Piece” is a great place to start if you’re a fan of experimental Hip hop and dub-step. “K.W.E.S.I.” balances perfectly the professionalism and sheer creativity required to craft a soundscape that entrances its audience. K.W.E.S.I. on occasion feels like an ambient bit of escapism – waves of synths and dashes of distant melodies linger around you like some easy-listening, meditative piece. As it evolves though, which it does consistently, the sound explodes with character and weight and energy.

The whole thing has been masterfully crafted yet freely structured so as to keep you on your toes, to keep things interesting, and always to effectively set-up certain turning points that begin to feel familiar and recognizable as the track moves along. It’s not all that common for a hip hop track to have such memorable riffs that reoccur less frequently, at least not with so much else surrounding them to additionally impress.

In terms of that sense of character, the rap flow and performance style has a touch of influence or familiarity about it, but not massively so. The tone of voice, the way the words interlink and pour out in a fairly smooth and laid back manner, it all adds to what is a fairly individual sound. For the most part, despite the structural changes, this track feels like it was built around a free-style. Most raps are of course, but this seems to consistently follow that route – everything except the hook pours out with freedom and a lack of concern regarding reception or the opinions of anyone else.

It’s a performance, for sure – dramatic at times, always with that confidence or swagger to carry it in a believable way. When it comes to the hook, this adds to the memorable nature of the backdrop – these chords and the repetition of this key line and concept works in the way that any heavy new hip hop track should. The more you

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