Parents’ Evening by Mark Grist

Mark Grist is an artist with a distinct style and self-assurance that allows him to carry the weight of his single “Parents’ Evening” in a genuine and honest manner.

Mark Grist is a Peterborough-based poet, battle-rapper & teacher with over 40 million views now for his poetry, storytelling & rap videos online. He’s been on 5 National tours, taken six shows to the Edinburgh Fringe & has received a host of 4 and 5-star reviews from national publications. He recently starred in Redbull TV’s ‘Mark Grist Battles the World’, Channel 4’s ‘Mr. Drew’s School for Boys & has been awarded two International Webby Awards for his poetry online. He’s been Poet Laureate of Peterborough, Chief Bard of the Fens & Edinburgh Fringe Slam Champion & is one of the most unlikely & well-known rap battlers the UK has ever produced.

There’s an edge to the track’s beat that’s a little bit alternative. Soundscape’s treble peaks and light drumline combine with rhythm’s tripped-up style for a hauntingly floating backdrop behind the tone and thickness of the artist’s lead vocal. With well-chosen phrases and no filler, the performance slowly draws you in and creates a distinct concept and personality around you.

It’s not easy to create a single that stands out in a crowded musical landscape. “Parents’ Evening” quickly draws your attention. The leading vocal has a distinct and unique sound, and the flow is fantastic — becoming increasingly remarkable as the music proceeds.

It’s an excellent option to symbolize the track’s melody because it has a familiar feel to it, like a lot of modern hip-hop. Still, it doesn’t go off in a production route that tries to be too innovative or unusual in appearance.

Hip-hop is about the truth and the realness, and that’s a big part of it. The song’s theme, feeling, and the undeniable sense of character buried in the primary vocal delivery all come on top of the beat, which keeps things moving in a similar fashion.