Phonk Virtuoso ONI Unleashes Energetic New Track ‘SAMURAI’

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A forerunner in the Phonk House genre, ONI has swiftly gained a reputation for defying musical norms. Now, he releases ‘SAMURAI’, an innovative track that showcases his exceptional talent and relentless creativity. Live now on YouTube, ‘SAMURAI’ is a testament to ONI’s progressive approach to the Phonk genre.

With ‘SAMURAI’, ONI effortlessly fuses traditional phonk rhythms with the heady energy of house music, showcasing his unique sound, which veers from the melancholic to the invigorating. ONI’s audacious manipulation of beats and rhythms results in an electrifying listening experience that is both intriguing and thrilling.

Born from his unfettered imagination, ‘SAMURAI’ exemplifies ONI’s ability to consistently break new ground in the ever-evolving Phonk House scene. Drawing on his expertise from previous successful EPs and numerous singles, ONI proves with ‘SAMURAI’ that his daring sonic experiments continue to push the boundaries of contemporary music.

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