Ride by Boo City

Unpredictable yet satisfying, with a strong suggestion of a compelling delivery, Boo City has released another awesome single “Ride” to all the audience out there with a true passion all over the track. Boo City is a unique band and each and every member is so passionate, well talented and they deliver their best version when it comes to music. And they love to work with alternative, Rhythm, and Blues, Rock, and Soul music genres. They released this awesome track “Ride” in 2019 and you can see the clarity and the different vibe all over the track as well.

An ambient, amazing sound design blending soulful tunes with a rhythmically addictive vocal progression – this collaborative release proves as hypnotic as it is engaging and creatively impressive. Their unique blending of vocal layers and the few sounds and personalities combined make for a truly fresh and soulful approach to modern music as well.

When it comes to the video of this amazing track, you won’t be able to take your eyes off from the screen and as the audience, you all are going to love the same without a doubt. “Boo City” will play in front of you soon and they will entertain you for the next level.  Having the true capacity and the talent this bunch has proved that they can bring you the most unique, magnificent music and this track “Ride” is a fine example of the same. 

Always a good team can do a marvelous job and we hope “Boo City” will come back to us with amazing music in near future. Stay tuned with them. 

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