Ride For Me by Alex Anonny ft Maya By Name

The recent release “Ride For Me” by Alex Anonny ft Maya By Name is a track that stands entirely unique in both the writing style and the musicality of it all. The beat that kicks it offsets a great vibe, then what follows is a fairly unexpected and brilliantly unusual melody and progression of chords. The music and the vocals stand together perfectly within the track, and at times – it’s almost a hip-hop meets awesome kind of musical art, which is incredible; a winning fusion of inspiration and creativity if ever there was one.

The featured vocal on the chorus has impressive strength and style to it that is perfectly in keeping with the sort of mood and melody expressed throughout. You get that hook in your mind straight away, it stays with you, the mellow yet bouncy vibe of the music behind the vocals helps hold it there, and overall there is a cool and relaxed ambiance to the whole thing. It works really well as a single. Simple and effective, with an optimistic and generally positive vibe – always something we need more of in the world.

The type of rap that Alex Anonny offers up has a lot to it that is fairly fresh sounding. He’s not simply mimicking other artists and is not particularly reminiscent of anyone else at all – which is great; that voice is his, everything from the tone, the mellow yet deep performance style, and even the slight hint of an accent, you know who you’re listening to. The flow of the rap performance is really easy to listen to, it adds to the summertime vibe created by the music and the chorus melody, and so the whole thing is very complete sounding – every element is united, working in the same direction, setting the same scene.

It’s a pretty stunning track on its own, to be fair, I’ve listened relentlessly to this one over the past few days – you can really turn it up loud and get lost in the music and the soundscape. Essentially though, what it does is force you to form ideas, to make up lyrics as you involve yourself in it, which is just fantastic – exactly the kind of effect producers and beatmakers should be looking to achieve if they hope to collaborate with other people. The possibilities beyond just the music are endless, and that’s what makes him a great producer.