River of Time by Mr. Michael Kwok

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“River of Time” by “Mr. Michael Kwok” is another masterpiece to all the audience out there. 

This is what you would call brilliant song producing, and the added benefit is that behind the song, or alongside it perhaps, is this stunning piece of music – one that is creatively free, and flawlessly mixed and produced. The song is addictive, the right lines are repeated just enough times to make them really sink in. The whole thing is gorgeously stylish, and quite hypnotic.

The most wonderful thing about this music in some ways, aside from the superb musicianship and skill – the creative freedom of it all. These ongoing audio experiences offer genuine escapism from our day-to-day lives. This piece in particular really transports you to some other place in your mind, making you feel as if you’re right there, soaking up the scenery and the good vibes in a piano soundscape on the other side of town, or the world for that matter. In another instance, however, you could quite easily find yourself surrounded by nature, appropriately standing perfectly still in an open park or field as the sounds and sights of the natural world play out around you. The magic is in the possibility, the freedom of the sound.

As a pianist it seems that “Mr. Michael Kwok” has the skills and the desire to create and craft mesmerizing soundscapes, his abilities are up there with the best of them, and that makes this a captivating audio experience – the sort that really just begs for you to witness it in real-time at a live show. His love of music, his knowledge and ability, all connect flawlessly with his natural passion for performance and creative presentation. Well worth indulging in.

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