Running Up That Hill – Kate Bush – STRANGER THINGS S4 – Cover by Shanelle Rudrigo

It’s no big secret that “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush ” is one of the most amazing tracks in the 80s and “Shanelle Rudrigo” has done an amazing cover for this masterpiece to make this more beautiful and creative. So it should come as no surprise that this latest release is just one of a multitude of new songs, plus an album, that will emerge over the coming weeks.

Running Up That Hill” is an important project in its own right. To begin with, it’s necessary to listen to the song as simply a song; music is something that transcends regular communication, and more often than not it must speak for itself, making its point without the help of side notes or margin markers. This is about all that needs to be said on the matter though. As is often the case with Shanelle Rudrigo’s music; the moment you press play, this calming connection between the notes chosen, the words expressed, and the tone of the voice with which it is all presented – it pours the sound over you in a way that immediately makes you feel the need to do nothing but simply listen.

The backdrop to the track is a beautifully ambient and dream-like piece of music; seductive synths and gentle vocal melodies, lightly doused in reverb, simply looping and looping as he passionately speaks the inner truth – with, as always, impeccable lyricism. It’s baffling that certain artists can make whatever the hell they want to, at any given time, and have it played on radio stations around the world, yet music like this always has to take the longer and grittier road to recognition. Baffling, but usually; it’s for the greater good.

That road is one that teaches people things the industry never could. As always, the real value is in the music; what’s being said, how it makes you feel, the people who know – they have that connection with the artist and her art, and you just can’t compare that to the mainstream manufacturing of sample after sample after sample.

There’s so much strength in music made by someone who simply creates, from the heart, and keeps on creating, getting more and more intense and beautiful in their creativity as time goes by – regardless of what’s happening elsewhere. Uninfluenced and unaffected by irrelevant elements. The level of skill in this music is immense; as a lyricist, as a musician – and this track showcases it superbly. The word play, the passion, the depth, the honesty, the musical atmosphere. It’s a voice you fall captive to – hypnotic and reflective. Thought provoking, inspiring. Real.