Sad Bish Full Album by IRod and the Auxiliary

Introducing a creative, immersive new project from IRod and the Auxiliary, which is an alternative hip hop album with seven songs. Sad Bish is a character that misses his sweetheart.

Sad Bish kicks in with the introducing track Blood Stains in the Rear View, which is a mellow, hip hop ish track with a nice melody. It’s a great way to start off the album and get listeners acquainted with the character of Sad Bish.

The second is Pics of U, which goes off the limit and touches the hard rock style. The rhythm is still the same, slow and mellow, but the addition of distorted guitars and heavy drums creates a dark and edgy feeling. This is followed by another track, Let U Go, which is a slower, more introspective song. It’s a sad and emotive track that touches on the alternative hip hop genre.

The fourth song on the album, More Than Us, is a more upbeat and positive track. It talks about moving on from a relationship and finding something new. This is followed by the fifth track, Necromancer, which is a dark and intense song. It’s a gut-wrenching track that will leave listeners feeling emotional.

The sixth track on the album, Born 2B Sad, is a more melancholic and introspective song. It’s a beautiful track that touches on the feeling of loss and nostalgia. The seventh and final song on the album, Can’t Stay Away, is a more upbeat and positive track. It’s a great way to end the album on a high note.

IRod and the Auxiliary have created a beautiful and emotionally charged album with Sad Bish. It’s an album that will resonate with listeners who have experienced loss and heartbreak. It’s an album that is sure to touch listeners’ hearts and leave them feeling Sad Bish.

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