ShibaShiba By Viktoria Robotika

Viktoria Robotika’s latest song, “ShibaShiba!” comes with a relevant tag and proceeds to surround listeners in this half ecstatic, partially happy – retro dance and neo-classical – the domain of unpredictable brilliance.

“ShibaShiba!” manages to be both happy and frightening at the same time, as it ensures that the audience is immersed in the building anticipation and excitement of the soundtrack. When the song starts, the pace picks up virtually indefinitely, wrapping its wings around the listener while simultaneously urging the heart rate to quicken in time with it.

“ShibaShiba!” – from the similarly unique piece of music – gives a clear sense of character and a select few gratifying melodic resolves, infusing a little serenity into the depth of its artistry with an increasingly intriguing, slowly sinking vocal lead into the enormous instrumental depth.

What’s more, there’s always something enthralling and clever about each and every release from this enchanted nook of the universe of the invention. They are incredibly unique, their natural connection is pure, yet the immersive electronic part is gently bold and lovely in another sense.

Overall, there isn’t another track like this out there right now. The sound contains flashes of familiar sounds from long-gone times, but in the end, it is the artist who creates, and what has been done is refreshingly original.

It brilliantly demonstrates that it is a reliable remedy or means for drowning out and relieving the weight of busy life by being varied in mood, emotion, tempo, detail, weight, and intrigue – “ShibaShiba!”

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