Skeler – Night Drive phonk Remix

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Frostbit  is a DJ who showcases a uniquely creative set of skills throughout his release Skeler – Night Drive phonk Remix”. For something that backdrop to some new Phonk Music Release, the music is surprisingly unusual, the ambiance has been built up by an unexpected set of synths and sounds and it makes for something quite refreshing. Furthermore, the entire collection works beautifully as an instrumental moment of escapism for fans of electronic or ambient beats in general.

The lyrics to this song are superb, though with the swagger and rhythm taking on such a strong role it’s not necessarily the story that first reaches out for your affection. You lose yourself to the energy of it initially, the effect of that Electronic Music attitude, the simple yet immediately memorable melody. Once you’ve crossed paths with the hook you start to wonder what you missed, and with the nature of the song being incredibly addictive and easy to listen to on repeat – it’s no challenge to go back and replay the whole thing.

Skeler – Night Drive phonk Remix” takes the darkness and weight to a whole other level. The thickness of the music, the manic, chaotic progression of the soundscape, the intensity of the leading vocal and the effects that surround and support it, all make for something that hits with heavy impact at this point in the collection. As mentioned, Frostbit showcases a wide range of skills throughout this four track release, and the eclecticism is far from over at this point.

Structurally, the song reflects everything about its underlying sentiment. The complex and unpredictable evolution of the soundscape reflects the dark and unsettled feelings that come through in the lyrics, all of which leads powerfully towards what is a thoroughly effective and memorable hook. The originality is sky high, as is the professionalism, and that’s a mighty combination.

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