Skeletons by Syke E

Syke E hits the scene with a smooth hit, initially leading with soulful softness, soon switching gears to become an equally laid-back yet slightly more energizing and confident take on contemporary hip hop. Featuring production and vocal style that’s notably in tune with the sound of the moment, Skeletons takes an alternative look at the concept implied by the title, blending inspiring ideas with intimacy and simple love for the good times. Syke E’s quietly expressive, care-free vocal tone naturally ties in with this sentiment. He also mixes up his flow on more than a few occasions, bringing in both rap and melody, ramping up the pace and allowing it to fall back accordingly.

Syke E is a talented upcoming rapper from Australia who is ready to hit the mainstream with his authentic hip-hop music.  His style is smooth with a nice vibe. Syke E s passion and his faith and belief system come through consistently on these tracks. There’s also plenty of eclecticism. Unafraid of being true to himself, showing both weakness and strength in his story, and exploring a variety of different creative realms, Syke E’s depth of tone and his smooth yet passionate delivery make for threads of consistency throughout this free-flowing project.

All the while, the soundscape works its magic with ease – a simple set-up, a memorable riff, and an overall mood that again suits the storyline pretty perfectly. Well crafted, with a professionally captured video to match. 

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