Something About Us – Zosia Kruk

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Zosia Kruk, the multifaceted DJ, singer, songwriter, and producer based in Paris, is set to dazzle audiences with her latest electrifying single, “Something About Us.” Known for her dynamic DJ sets and infectious energy, Zosia brings her love for NuDisco to the forefront in this captivating new track.

Drawing inspiration from her childhood spent grooving to her dad’s disco vinyls, Zosia infuses “Something About Us” with irresistible rhythms and vibrant melodies. With influences ranging from Electro Pop to House music, the song captures the essence of Zosia’s eclectic musical style.

Having graced the decks of prestigious venues like Les Bains, Hotel Grand Amour, and Soho House, Zosia is no stranger to curating unforgettable experiences through music. Her seamless blend of NuDisco and modern electronic sounds has earned her residencies at some of Paris’ hottest spots and garnered attention from luxury brands like Cartier and Valentino.

With “Something About Us,” Zosia invites listeners on a sonic journey filled with pulsating beats and infectious grooves. Whether you’re on the dance floor or vibing at home, this track is sure to get you moving and grooving.

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