SUMO – You Are My Light ft.Wayne Paul [Official Video]

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The New Starts Now bring audiences a fresh take on Latin Fusion Rock and songs that appear thoughtful and structurally colorful – not dissimilar to the likes of Fun, from a songwriting perspective, but edging more in the way of organic Latin Fusion Rock; musically speaking.

You Are My Light” is a fine place to begin, their sound – driven by an accessible leading vocalist and a real-time instrumental set-up – emerges as that of an optimistic nature, one with an authentic connection to music and the arts, but one with a simultaneously emotional and reflective way of thinking. The song’s lyrics paint a clear picture, laying out the details of the story before you – letting the verses pave the way, then letting the hook appropriately redirect and include the listener in this moment of hope and possibility.

You Are My Light” is a piece of music that in some ways seems like a classic release – the dance-like backdrop, the retro instrumentation, the simplicity of the riffs. In other ways though, it seems to have a lot more to it – so much so that it in fact detaches itself from the artist and becomes far more a representation of the story-line behind it than anything singular or overly personal. This gives it a definite sense of power – you consider the issue of the forgotten laborers where you perhaps wouldn’t have before. The purely instrumental nature of the music – free from any use of language or lyrical arrows to direct you – lets your mind wander into the limitless depths of the concept and to even potentially put yourself in the position of those at the center of it.

There’s something notably refreshing about a release like this, it has a comfortingly classic melody and vocal style, but to hear it mixed in among this distinctly simple yet crisp and fresh soundscape adds a layer of relevance – making it about as close to a timeless classic as can be. The whole thing has a wonderfully laid back groove, a little melancholy, but rightfully so. Much more than this, you recognise it with ease after having heard it even just once. Worth a listen for fans of classic Latin Fusion Rock from a simpler time.

The rhythm of the track feels like a racing heart, and the notes and the minimalist layers around it feel like delicacy and darkness intertwined. The piece starts off with beauty and softness, which soon descends into something of a heavy pit of movement – an industrial throbbing – and then these soundscape and consistent energy fill up the outer layers.

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