Talking To Me by Arthur

In Arthur’s melodically appealing single, “Talking To Me,” classic RnB vibes with bass and keys-driven warmth collide with the story-telling of retro hip hop to create a timeless experience.

Arthur is a Young & talented artist coming out of Brooklyn, New York. Singer, Rapper, & Song Writer here to fulfill all your musical needs.

In the form of a wistfully melodic, uplifting new single from an astonishingly expressive Arthur – “Talking To Me” – which is produced with an air of yesteryear blended with the crispness and unity of today’s landscape, the song is a timeless smash.

“Talking To Me” combines a relatively nostalgic ambiance – layers of classic synth, keys, and rhythm, amid splashes of programmed electric percussion and frontal, sensitive vocals of both rap and RnB-style melodies – to blend genres in a somewhat bold yet smooth and colorful approach.

“Talking To Me” by Arthur is a fantastic production, pleasant and appropriately emotional, crisp and clean while being warm and enveloping. The verses do an excellent job of delving into the specifics of the relationship under consideration. The hook concludes with a comfortable, familiar, appropriate, and quietly soulful ode to the result.

The song is easily one of the most fascinating hip-hop-infused RnB singles released this year. It demonstrates masterful story-telling and cleanly-mixed vocals that meander fluidly with imaginatively original soundscapes.

Easy to identify as a creative with a distinct point of view and honesty, Arthur releases only the most affecting and profound music. With each new track garnering greater and greater attention from fans, the band’s future appears to be quite bright.

As a self-produced and self-written artist who stays continually in line with his own style and personality, Arthur draws on the legends who came before him for inspiration but ultimately guaranteed a distinct and artistically complimentary sound and style anchored by powerful songwriting at its core.

Great melodies, innovative structuring, and immaculate drifting voices make this a standout track. A certain lightness and bounce to everything bring a new sense of optimism and vitality to the scene, making it a welcome alternative to the mainstream.