Teenage Summer (Original) – goVera

goVera’s voice and the production is the first thing to grab your attention, it kicks in right from the offset; the tone of it, the inflections he uses to enhance the notes – it makes the sound immediately very stylish, smooth, and easy to listen to. It’s undeniably a great voice, and on top of this; the music surrounding is of a mellow and almost dance like nature. It doesn’t feel like your average EDM song – it feels new; it’s personal, but entirely accessible, and clearly very meaningful, right to its core.

What’s particularly great about this one is that the music really brings out a whole new edge and passion in the singer’s leading vocal performance. There are some real moments of grit and power, which is wonderful to hear, and so perfectly in keeping with the overall vibe of the music. The melody in this track is really well integrated among the music; it brings out the best in the singer’s vocal performance, but it also really effectively ties together all the separate elements of the song – so the result is that every instrument, every riff, every lyric; it all drives the sound forward as a complete unit, making this a genuinely memorable track.

It feels wrong to say it, considering the concept of the song, but the overall vibe of this piece is brilliantly uplifting. goVera undoubtedly has a skill for painting a very vivid picture with the artist’s music, the music in this case seems to dance in the face of these concerns. 

The melody throughout is memorable and effective, getting caught in your mind, wrapping itself around you and becoming instantly nostalgic in a way. It very quickly feels familiar, but only in that it’s so well written and structured – everything happens just as it needs to. The soundscape is simple and adds to the overall captivating sound of the song. The slight EDM touch within the music is subtle, but effective – it creates a great vibe that you can really get lost in, and yet, at the same time, it maintains its chilled atmosphere. The song is still as comforting as the concept of someone who will always be there for you, and so it all fuses together superbly. This kind of production is really well suited to goVera’s vocal style and song writing.

Teenage Summer” is a brilliant EDM song with a very classic and nostalgic feel to it. What’s particularly wonderful about this one is the guitar riffs, the solo parts when the vocal melody falls away for a while, and also, right from the beginning – the harmonica – so simple, yet so effective and captivating. Everything about this song screams great music; everything has its place, and takes full advantage of the opportunity to shine. 

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