The Beatles – Hey Jude ( Cover 2022) Live Video by Shanelle Rudrigo

Introducing a new face into the music industry, Shanelle Rudrigo! This gifted artist has been making a name for herself with her unique and soulful covers of popular songs.

In this live video, Shanelle performs a beautiful rendition of The Beatles’ classic “Hey Jude.” Her soulful voice and emotional performance are sure to captivate viewers.

Shanelle Rudrigo is a young singer and songwriter from London. She began performing piano and guitar at an early age. Music has always been a passion for her, and her goal is to encourage youngsters to pursue it. Covering popular artists is one of her favorite activities while also developing new songs.

Using only an acoustic guitar, Shanelle’s “Hey Jude” performance is simple yet effective. The focus is on her voice, which shines through beautifully. The lyrics are brought to life with her emotional vocal delivery.

The live performance video was filmed in one take. The intimate setting and Shanelle’s connection with the camera creates a special moment for viewers.

This is not Shanelle Rudrigo’s only live performance video, but it is one of her most popular. She has a growing YouTube channel with other great cover songs and original music. Be sure to check it out and support this rising star!