The Come up by Punch (NSBizzy)

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Punch (NSBizzy) pays tribute to the legends of yesteryear while presenting a hard-hitting piece of music, “The Come up,” aimed to reinvigorate the initial enthusiasm of the hip hop genre driving with a clear sense of drama, inventive sound-play, and a classically appealing rap style.

Punch is a rapper from the Stone Bridge Estate. He developed a passion for rap/hip-hop after being introduced to it at 12. Punch is a rising hip-hop artist and songwriter from London, best known for songs like “Smoking” and “Grinding All My Life.” Punch has a distinct style and frequently tackles topics that other artists avoid as an artist. Listening to his music reveals that he takes great pride in being unique.

Punch was introduced to Tupac as a young boy by his uncle, who ignited his passion for music. As money was tight at the time, he honed his skills by recording radio tracks and rapping over them. Punch was not the most enthusiastic student in school, but that changed when it came to English class. Punch discovered he had a talent early in life. “You have to be YOU; you can’t listen to other people,” he says. Make your own decisions, be self-assured, and live and learn.”

Punch’s lyric and delivery strength is in line with a somewhat minimal production style and concept, which celebrates the natural weight of hip hop without all of the filler and falseness. Punch is one of the few rappers of recent years to captivate for his framing of bars, vocal clarity quickly, and focused storytelling above all else.

Following an initially thoughtful, ambient, and inviting background, the music quickly transitions from mild to explosive as both the beat and rap vocal smash the mix with a raw, natural, and upfront intensity. 

The release, which is an excellent anthem of hip-hop music, contains a modern yet crisp soundtrack and an upfront vocal lead from the artist. The first verse is packed with facts and storytelling references, and the rhyme scheme is consistent throughout the bars.

Punch (NSBizzy) can rap, without a doubt, and there’s a nostalgic tone to his style and writing. Each bar’s wordplay and purpose appeal for its well-rooted influence as much as its contemporary interpretation.

“The Come up” is far from simple music, far from simple phrasing, but this lyrical and conceptual quality is incredibly refreshing right now. Well worth a few listens.

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