The Situation (Reboot) by Between Now And Forever 

Throughout this anthemic, increasingly intense, and hugely hypnotic track from Between Now And Forever, distorted intensity and trancelike melody come together flawlessly.

The Situation (Reboot) enthralls its listener with intriguing lyrical progressions of a poetic and powerful, reflective style, starting with quick-fingered power-chord rhythms of a simpler era, blended with an instantly identifiable hard rock vocal sound.

Between Now and Forever is an Albany, New York-based hard rock band. The band combines the greatest parts of both radio rock and metalcore for their listeners. The Situation (Reboot) is their latest single released on all streaming platforms. It is a modern mixed version of their old song, The Situation.

The Situation (Reboot) delivers an audio experience of style and emotive appeal unified, thanks to its artistic incorporation of the effective force of juxtaposition.

The resolve to the hook elevates things nicely, electrifying the room and providing that necessary peak passion and progression for a genuinely immersive, arena-rock experience.

In the middle, there’s progressive rock, with stunning electric guitar work creating an entirely engaging realm of faster and faster-paced musicality, to embrace the listener even more in this delightful chaos of self, but also to remind the listener of the unconditional passion and skill united under the Between Now And Forever name.

The final minute of this three-minute epic is a whirlwind in and of itself, and the closing verse almost immediately tickles attention in a re-listen when we discover yet another world of qualities to admire within.

Really well-written and done from the point of genuine, meaningful reflection. The writing style and voice give the modern rock scene a fresh start. I’m excited to hear more.

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