Time To Bring Back Peace And Love by Wes Dean

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“Time To Bring Back Peace And Love” by “Wes Dean” is an amazing track with a great vibe inside and out. Wes Dean is a new recording artist but not new to music. Born and raised in Virginia, USA, he has been a life-long musician beginning with piano lessons at age 6, and playing trumpet, flugelhorn, and French horn in his high-school band. Since his college days, he has played guitar, acoustic first and electric for the last 9 years as well.

The track features hints of a pretty wide range of musical influences with a great message to the entire world. As it opens up, the influx of notes and melodies from the synths and keys build a fairly relaxed yet vintage sounding ambiance. Then you get the artist’s lead vocal, a fast paced presentation of lyrics, an unexpectedly flexible melody line, really bringing in touches of classic R&B from the good old days. The speed of the vocal performance works really well over the otherwise mellow and dream like backdrop. Alongside all of this, the thick and heavy beat throughout the track adds a real element of good vibes to the piece, an undeniable groove that seems to bring all of these different aspects and styles together.

The production on this track is superb, successfully shining the spotlight on each and every moment as is necessary. The intro sounds big, grabs your attention, then the music steps aside slightly to make way for the vocals, and later on everything returns and fuses well to build up the finished soundscape. There’s a lot about the track that is fairly retro sounding, yet it’s all so well polished that the sound is undeniably now. It’s fresh, and the vocals are fantastic; the style and the skill is evident from start to finish, and the artist carries these melodies and lyrics confidently and stylishly.

The music is lovely to listen to, the familiar sound of Wes Dean’s voice brings everything we loved about the track back into our lives, and the song itself has been, as always, so very well written, and so openly and genuinely performed with an awesome video. It’s impossible to listen and not feel something. Listening to the accompanying video in particular really illuminates the honor and value of the song, as well as the hero about whom it was written. It’s the perfect way to draw attention to something as important as this. A beautiful, simplistic yet powerful piece of music, straight from the heart.

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