Time To Bring Back Peace And Love by Wes Dean

Wes Dean raises the bar with ease for the addicting new song Time To Bring Back Peace And Love, with sublime country rock vibes hitting with impact in everything from set-up to melody to surprising genre changes.

We’re immersed in this organic folk and distorted rock environment of harmony from the start, with familiar patterns and crisp instruments faultlessly caught and produced; there’s an immediate desire to turn up the volume.

The hook also introduces things, so the depth of sound and vocal layers capture you right away, and you can’t help but stay engaged and linked to the groove from here on out.

Wes Dean has been a musician his entire life, beginning with piano lessons at the age of six and progressing to playing trumpet, flugelhorn, and French horn in his high school band. He created his debut release, “Movin’ On,” earlier this year, a song about life and living without fear. He wishes to motivate people to “not be afraid to live their lives.”

Time To Bring Back Peace And Love flows with a precious message that is “share peace and love, not hatred,” as the artist puts it. The catchy composition and memorable vocal line are only a plus to this strong lyrical effort.

Featuring acoustic guitar, slide guitar, electric guitars, drums, and percussion, this is a well-rounded anthem for the country’s people.

The production quality is fantastic, and it’s exciting to hear an artist with so much potential already hitting such a high mark.

This is feel-good country music that makes you want to stomp your feet and clap your hands. It’s the perfect pick-me-up song and a great way to start off your day.

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