Tride by Nomakts

Nomakts’s Tride” is a blessing to play at volume, the sheer precision with which he has balanced intensity, creativity, and professionalism, is brilliant. The track is unlike any of the hyper-pop-inspired releases of late because it veers off in its own direction almost entirely. Certain moments feel like blissfully ambient waves of warmth, others feel soaked in anticipation prior to some heavy drop, others feel industrially rhythmic, others vintage, others dark and hypnotic, and some simply take the form of what feels like your own heartbeat pounding and driving with the energy of the piece.

The track erupts into the room in the way that any well-crafted, pristinely built heart touching track should – the beat is simple yet appears smoothly, the multi-layered synth backdrop surrounding it offers unstoppable levels of color and vibrancy, and this is all before you even get to the character and lyricism – the melody, the human touch.

As a leading artist, Nomakts offers confident and striking vocals that fit in genuinely and effortlessly with this sort of hype and upbeat vibe. This comes through in his ability to shift from the mellow verses, even the near-spoken-word final verse, to the higher-ended, much more hard-hitting, and passionate hook. It’s a strong hook, energetic and uplifting but not overly mainstream or cheesy as some hyper pop fusions tend to be. It feels like there’s something cool and intentional about the song as well.

There’s confidence and theatrics in small doses, every moment is fresh and interesting, but there’s also a lot of heart. The melodies and many of the lyrics present this realness in an entrancing way. However, that being said, it’s undoubtedly the overall vibe and bounce of the music you’re likely to take away with you. This is what you’ll return for, this is why you’ll turn it up loud. The good times are needed now as much as – if not more – than ever, and this could well be the soundtrack to that for so many music fans.

It’s not the sort of set-up that would usually prove effective for the average producer, but in the case of Nomakts, that professionalism showcases a notable awareness of what works – an understanding of the audience, and their importance within the process. Every step captivates here, to the point that the second time you listen, you expect these developments – you look forward to the calm after the chaos, and vice-versa.